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According to WBF-Türkiye master points, I am the first and only International Master of Turkey. Giants of Backgammon 2011 voting puts me in 71st place. Here are the results from some tournaments I joined:

  • WBA EBGT Grand Finale 2012, Winner.
  • WBF Golden Circuit 2012, Masters Winner.
  • 18th Japan Open, Super Jackpot Semi-Final.
  • WBF VI. Georgia Open, Masters Last Chance Winner.
  • WBF VI. Georgia Open, F.1 Doubles Consulting Final.
  • WBA/İSTAVDER European Pro Championship, Masters Winner.
  • WBF Golden Circuit 2011, Masters Winner.
  • WBF 14th Austrian Open, F.1 Doubles Consulting Winner.
  • WBF 14th Austrian Open, Masters Last Chance Final.
  • WBA V. Georgian Open, Doubles Consulting Winner.
  • WBF-Türkiye 2012 İstanbul Open, Main Winner.
  • WBF-Türkiye 2011 Mediterranean Open, Main Winner.
  • WBF 2011 European CHampionship, Masters Consolation Final.
  • WBF-Türkiye 2011 İstanbul Open, Main Final.
  • WBA/İSTAVDER 3rd Cyprus Open, Masters Consolation Winner.
  • WBA/İSTAVDER 2nd Cyprus Open, Advanced Last Chance Final.
  • WBA/İSTAVDER 2nd Cyprus Open, Doubles Consulting#1 Winner.

Sabri Büyüksoy

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