After 2016 Turkish Online Backgammon Tournament

TOT2016 Turkish Online Backgammon Championship ended with UĞUR İLHAMİ ÖZDEN being the winner among 244 players after 15 rounds of matches scoring 12 wins, 1 bye, and 2 losses. Tournament director Sabri Büyüksoy presented Uğur İlhami Özden his prizes in Bodrum, Turkey where they met first time in person. Özden as a fighter, entrepreneur, and team-spirited person well deserves this priceless win among a big group of Turkish or Turkey-resident backgammon players living all around the world.

Second place went to Emrullah Coşar, a great performer from Istanbul recently winning a lot in other tournaments. Third place was shared by two master players: 2012 World Champion Nevzat Doğan from Denmark and phenomenal Turkish player Zafer Taş from Istanbul. Fourth place went to Ömer Kukul from Aydin, Turkey. Fifth place went to four players: Ümit Bata, Amaç Volkan Er, Fatih Öziş andTaner Uçarer.



Our Top 9 Players
Detailed Ranks
PR Ranks
Detailed Analysis of the Final Match – Emrullah Coşar (Emco2008) – Uğur İlhami Özden (Uilhami)

Thanks to all TOT2016 team who made this happen!

Rahmi Alp, Saadet Şebnem Arnas Büyüksoy, Ali Çetin Belene, Mahmut Berkant Bilgi, Ali Cihangir Çetinel, Feza Diyarbekir, Cüneyt Argun Genç, Andreas Hausmann, Aydın Kaboğlu, Michihito Kageyama, Kamil Karaali, İbrahim Karaca, Atila Malçok, Bernhard Mayr, Eric McAlpine, Masayuki Mochizuki, Matvey Natanzon, Engin Savaş, Erhan Yenişen.

Hope to see you in the next edition 🙂


Turkish Online Championship Final

We have reached the final of Turkish Online Championship – TOT2016. Emrullah Çoşar (on the left) and Uğur İlhami Özden accomplished to reach to the final among 244 players. Final match will be played until October 9, Sunday. It will be played on EBIF-TIGER server. Date, time and analysis of the final will be published on our Facebook page.

We would like to thank specially to our semi-finalists Nevzat Doğan and Zafer Taş. They together shared the third place. Below you can find eXtremeGammon analyses of semi-final matches:

Zafer Taş (FENOMEN) – Emrullah Coşar (Emco2008)

Nevzat Doğan (nevzatdogan) – Uğur İlhami Özden (Uilhami)

Semi Final Excitement in Turkish Online Championship

In Turkish Online Backgammon Championship – TOT2016, we now have our semi finalists and draw ready. Matches will be played on EBIF-TIGER server until October 2 Sunday. Match schedules and match analyses will be published on our Facebook page. Here is the draw for the semi-final round:

Zafer Taş
Zafer Taş

Emrullah Coşar
Emrullah Çoşar

Nevzat Doğan
Nevzat Doğan

Uğur İlhami Özden
Uğur İlhami Özden

We wish good matches to all our players. Our special thanks goes to Ömer Kukul who completed TOT2016 at the fifth place.

Ömer Kukul
Ömer Kukul

Here are ananlyses of all matches played on 13th round:

Nevzat Doğan (nevzatdogan) – Zafer Taş (FENOMEN)

Ömer Kukul (Kukul) – Emrullah Çoşar (Emco2008)