Semi Final Excitement in Turkish Online Championship

In Turkish Online Backgammon Championship – TOT2016, we now have our semi finalists and draw ready. Matches will be played on EBIF-TIGER server until October 2 Sunday. Match schedules and match analyses will be published on our Facebook page. Here is the draw for the semi-final round:

Zafer Taş
Zafer Taş

Emrullah Coşar
Emrullah Çoşar

Nevzat Doğan
Nevzat Doğan

Uğur İlhami Özden
Uğur İlhami Özden

We wish good matches to all our players. Our special thanks goes to Ömer Kukul who completed TOT2016 at the fifth place.

Ömer Kukul
Ömer Kukul

Here are ananlyses of all matches played on 13th round:

Nevzat Doğan (nevzatdogan) – Zafer Taş (FENOMEN)

Ömer Kukul (Kukul) – Emrullah Çoşar (Emco2008)

TOT2016 – Now We Know the First 5

We have reached to the level of first five players in 2016 Turkish Online Backgammon Championship. Nevzat Doğan (top left in photo) leads with one loss. Second place is shared by Zafer Taş (bottom left), Ömer Kukul (top right), Emrullah Çoşar (bottom right) and Uğur İlhami Özden (middle) with two losses each. Standings at the beginning of this round and matches of the new round are shown below:


First match of 13th round is between Ömer Kukul (Kukul) and Emrullah Çoşar (Emco2008) on September 23 Eylül at 21:00 Turkish time to be played on EBIF-TIGER. Other match of this round is between Nevzat Doğan (nevzatdogan) and Zafer Taş (FENOMEN) to be played until September 25. Uğur İlhami Özden (uilhami) got a bye. After eliminating players with three losses we will come down to four or five players in the next round. Standings, results and all match schedules can be followed by clicking these links. We wish good matches to all our players.

Our special thanks goes to Amaç Volkan Er, Fatih Öziş, Taner Uçarer and Ümit Bata for their competitiveness and success in completing TOT2016 among top nine. Below you can all eXtremeGammon match analyses of 12th round:

Fatih Öziş (2ble6ix) – Nevzat Doğan (nevzatdogan)

Taner Uçarer (tomsawyer) – Emrullah Çoşar (Emco2008)

Uğur İlhami Özden (Uilhami) – Ümit Bata (Akrep1903)

Zafer Taş (FENOMEN) – Amaç Volkan Er (aver)

TOT2016 – After 10 Rounds

We have completed 10 rounds of play in Turkish Online Backgammon Championship. Starting with 244 players, we have come down to 14 after players with three defeats got eliminated. When starting round 11 which will be completed until September 7, three players with one losses each are sharing the first three places: Taner Uçarer (middle), Ümit Bata (left) ve Nevzat Doğan (right). Other players are continuing with two losses. Below you can see all players who are still in after ten rounds:


Matches of continuing round and results

Below you can find XG analyses of first three players:

Taner Uçarer (tomsawyer) – Hüseyin Portakal (porhus)

Ümit Bata (Akrep1903) – Ömer Kukul (Kukul)

Nevzat Doğan (nevzatdogan) – Emrullah Çoşar (Emco2008)