Turkish Online Backgammon Championship

Together with distinguished figures of international backgammon world, we are delighted to present Turkish Online Backgammon Championship. It will take registration until the end of February 2016 and the tournament will be played online (on internet) between March 2016 and October 2016. Please refer to http://tot2016.tavlavehayat.com/ for details, registration, and further information. Good match!

Istanbul with its International Backgammon Tournaments

This January and February of 2016 will witness two international backgammon tournaments in Istanbul. We will start at Armada Hotel on Jan. 15-17 and end the season on Feb. 26-28 at WOW Istanbul Hotel.

On its 7th edition, WBF Istanbul Open will start on Jan. 15 Friday. Last year among 120 players Cihangir Çetinel (2015 World Champion) from Turkey won the tournament, John Wright from England got the second place, and Andrey Nesterov from Ukraine and Emin Şendil from Turkey shared the third place. Details and registration information can be reached at http://www.wbfturkey.org/etkinlik/ist2016mt/ilanist2016mting.htm.

On its 8th edition, İSTAVDER Anniversary Tournament will start on Feb. 26 Friday. Last year among 346 players, which was the highest of 2015, Amir Eshraghi from Iran won the tournament, Cihangir Çetinel from Turkey got the second place, and Boris Mamporia from Georgia got the third place. For details and registration you can check http://www.anniversarybg.com/.

As a player involved profesionally in backgammon tournaments, I learned so much about the game, myself and life in general; luckily still I keep on learning. For this reason, I invite everybody to see the atmosphere created beautifully around our lovely game of backgammon, to have fun, to play good matches and to meet world class players of our national team. Good luck and greetings to all 🙂

Sabri Büyüksoy

Most Beautiful Turkish Tournament Now Being Sponsored

Last year’s 5th İSTAVDER Anniversay Tournament had great success with its organization quality. Now with big news for backgammon community, 6th Anniversary Tournament is getting better this year by having backed up by sponsors. In Turkey, money prizes are prohibited if the organizers collect money to make a prize pool. But with sponsorship it is possible to give money prizes and therefore raise the quality of backgammon. I hope the amount of sponsorship will increase year after year and this event will turn into one of the world’s most important tournament.

Here are the details of the tournament. Since it is a three day tournament between 21-23 February 2014, the number of participants are limited to 250 players. Please register on 6th ISTAVDER Anniversary Tournament registration site at the bottom of the page by providing your name (İsim), e-mail (Mail) and a message indicating that you want to participate.