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Dilara 🙏🏼❤️ Best Teacher Mimics


Today is November 24, celebrated as Teacher’s Day here in Turkey. I want to thank to my best teacher Dilara, my daughter. I am very lucky to have met her. There are tons of worldly things that happened after I found her. One of them is this blog about backgammon and life. I started it 9 years ago due to her rough passage in life. As a memory of this I gave her the best backgammon prize that come my way: A special player award with Atatürk’s photo.

Teachers are ways the world presents us what we actually are. Dilara has been living what we normally consider as a tough life. Her way of teaching me was fabulous. She mimicked what I was having inside one to one. I didn’t understand this from the point of backgammon. We try to follow a game plan where the other player is less developed. Mimicking kills when only one player wins the game. However life is not such a game. We are not separate as we mostly always think so.

Dilara taught me the way of love. That does not care about losing personally. It cares only about winning totally. I have a transformation going after I realized what it means to love. Thank you Dilara for being such a great teacher. Life gave me such a present 🙏🏼❤️

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Sabri Büyüksoy
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🇬🇧 Playing backgammon since 2007. Nine years ago he established this blog about backgammon called Backgammon and Life (Tavla ve Hayat). He is mostly interested in software development business. Also he is after serving people to become their better versions :)

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