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Sunday Morning in Batumi – 9th Georgian Open

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9th Georgian Backgammon Open & Gogi Bukia Memorial International Tournament has ended with sweet memories as always. Sponsored by Europe-Bet and Goderdzi Bukia, organized by WBF, highly promoted by Jakob Garal, directed by Jakob Garal and Marco Fornasir, highly supported by Nino Tevzadze and beautifully hosted by Diana Zaraglyan provided a warm atmosphere for 110 players from 11 countries. A lovely rifle given as a special price symbolized how backgammon can contribute to peace among nations in a sarcastic way 🙂

As a player attending fifth consecutive years in Georgia, it was very nice to be in the city of Batumi. I am sharing below some beautiful moments of a Sunday morning in Batumi where only some people and animals are awake 🙂 But still I miss the older Chakvi versions of this tournament, its more authentic Georgian style closing ceremonies and a winery trip we had made in 2012 version.

As backgammon gets bigger needing sponsorship from companies and as Georgia gets modernized very fast, it will be tough to keep all the good parts together. It is not only the responsibility of Georgian people to make it happen, we all must work for it.

I did not mention any backgammon technical stuff but let me copy the tournament results below as I got them from Triple elimination system has successfully been employed first time in Georgian Open. You can check complete tournament information from and details of Masters category results from

September 9-13, 2015; Batumi, Republic of Georgia

MASTERS (64): 1-Guido Weidner (Germany), 2-Sergei Drmoyan (Armenia), 3-Erhan Yenisen (Turkey), 4-Kakhaber Skhirtladze (Georgia), 5-Aykut Uzel (Turkey), 6-Agamir Gevorkyan (Russia); 1LC-Grigol Gvazava (Gerogia), 2LC-Roman Gvenetadze (Georgia).

INTERMEDIATE (38): 1-Lasha Girkelidze (Georgia), 2-Mert Bulgan (Turkey), 3-Eduard Mirijanyan (Armenia), 4-Eugene Cholombitko (Ukraine), 5-Richard Fiegen (Germany), 6-Armen Muradyan (Armenia); 1LC-Gurgen Mkhitaryan (Armenia), 2LC-Alexander Krasov (Ukraine). Ladies Prize: Juliya Gromenkova (Russia).

GEORGIAN DOUBLES CHAMPIONSHIP (25 teams): 1-Levon Petrosyan & Avetis Rostomyan (Armenia), 2-Sabri Büyüksoy & Erhan Yenisen (Turkey), 3/4-Vladimir Iashvili & Aleksander Kikalishvili (Georgia) / Turan Kaya & Aykut Uzel (Turkey).

SUPER JACKPOT (8): 1-Masayuki Mochizuki (Japan), 2-Avetis Rostomyan (Armenia).

LADIES TOURNAMENT (10): 1-Olga Komaeova (Russia), 2-Tigranuhi Mikayelyan (Armenia).

869BG TROPHY (61): 1-Peer Seipelt (Denmark), 2-Arda Findikoglu (Turkey).

WARM-UP (87): 1-Aykut Uzel (Turkey), 2-Petri Pietila (Finland).

PRESIDENT’S ONE-POINT TOURNAMENT (64): 1-Alexander Krasov (Ukraine), 2-Olga Komarova (Russia).

GEORGIA VS THE REST OF THE WORLD CHALLENGE: 1-World Team: Captain Masayuki Mochizuki (Japan) / Sergei Chertkov (Russia) / Madail Dinmamedov (Azerbaijan) / Shimon Kagan (Israel) / Alexander Krasov (Ukraine) / Jacob Markussen (Denmark) / Artur Muradyan (Armenia) / Jürgen Orlowski (Germany) / Petri Pietila (Finland) / Mario Sequeira (Portugal) / Erhan Yenisen (Turkey), 2-Georgian Team; Final score: 8–3.


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