18th Japan Open 2012


In 18th Japan Open Backgammon Tournament Sabri Büyüksoy represented OBSS and Turkey. Competing both in the Main and Super Jackpot tournaments, he succeeded to reach to semi-finals of Super Jackpot after very close matches. Video recording of this match is provided in http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/26000487. Kenji Shimodaira won the tournament after 20 years of his first win. Overall results of the tournament is available in http://chicagopoint.com/results.html. Having an opportunity to know Japan with this tournament, Sabri Büyüksoy presents some photos and insights below:

Insan Gucuyle Gezi Arabasi
A muscled Japanese pulls a cart for tourist ride.

Sensoji Tapinagi
We were able to take a photo of famous Sensoji Budhist Temple in a surprisingly sunny day 🙂

Hiroshima Atesi
Keeping a fire from Hiroshima live until today, Japanese people have managed to make this grievous event remembered and forgiven.

Ruzgarda Yansimalar
A nice reflection from dancing flowers is a way of Japanese people showing us how to respect nature in itself but also add a human touch.

Turk Ekibi Sushi'de
Turksih team (two Turks, one Spanish/Lebanese and one Englishman) at a sushi feast.

Turk Ekibi Yemekte
If we stayed a little bit longer we would be sushi ourselves 🙂

Japonlar Cafede Tavla Oynuyor
Japan Backgammon Federation tries to spread backgammon by creating opportunities for its players to play in cafes.

Kucuk Kiz Tavla Oynuyor
A little girl was competing in the tournament in the beginners category, playing in a board bigger than herself and giving her opponents very hard time 🙂

Super Jackpot Yari Finali
Handshaking with Akiko Yazawa prior to Super Jackpot semi-final while still being able to smile 🙂

Sabri Buyuksoy Genc Bir Japon Oyuncuya Odul Takdim Ediyor
A young player, who managed to beat Sabri Büyüksoy, gets a prize from him for something he achieved prior to the tournament.

I would like to thank my wife Şebnem, Ricardo Malas and tournament director Mochy for sharing these photos.

Sabri Büyüksoy

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