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Pasha Cup 2012


Sabri Büyüksoy-OBSS played the final of 2012 Pasha Backgammon Tournament. In the final match, he lost to a young talent Çağlar Erdoğan, 2011 Nordic Open Advanced category winner. With a participation of 62 players, the most important feature of the tournament was the use of a format, similar to the Swiss system of chess tournaments, which promotes better players. With no elimination until third loss, excitement was kept high with many shorter matches. In the following years, this format approved by most players is expected to dominate the tournaments. For the players with three losses, there was another tournament called Last Chance.

The tournament, run by İSTAVDER Backgammon Club, was powered by a new web-based software providing dynamism and instant results. The results of the tournament can be reached at

I would like to thank to Fuat Erdağ, head of İSTAVDER Backgammon Club, for providing above picture.

Sabri Büyüksoy

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