6th Georgian Open


Supported by OBSS, Sabri Büyüksoy won the Last Chance tournament of Masters category at the 6th Georgian Open 2012 Backgammon Championship. He played against World no.22 Backgammon Giant Jürgen Orlowski in the final match. In addition, together with Prof. Haluk Oral they played the final of Doubles Consulting event against another Turkish team and got second prize trophy. Detailed results of the tournament can be reached at http://www.wbfturkey.com/.

At Last Chance final match, coming from 0-3 behind, I won the match 7-3. Taken in the same shot, my Doubles tournament partner Haluk Oral won One-point tournament.

Doubles or Double Consultation is a very nice backgammon activity format where one player plays and the other player can give advice or shares his/her opinion. In practice, usually after losing a game, the player and the consultant swap places so that they will have a fresh start. Two Turkish teams reached to the final. This photo is taken before the match but after losing, my partner and I could still smile 🙂

With the trophies our team is happy. Thanks to Arda Fındıkoğlu for sharing these photos. This tournament is a memorial to Gogi Bukia ‘s birthday. In yellow sheets, there is a poem dedicated to his memory. At the ceremony we toasted so many times to Gogi Bukia and listened to nice poems which we didn’t understand. Then, Prof. Haluk Oral took the scene and with a sentimental tone, he recited a very nice poem from Nazım Hikmet. This time Georgian players applauded our poem despite they didn’t understood anything 🙂

Georgian people know how to cook meat. This whole goat was cooked in wood fire and then served as a whole. Guests serve their dishes themselves by cutting the goat. There was very beatiful dances and singing also. Georgian people are very talented in both.


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